Saturday, August 31, 2013

Acknowledging Marion

Two posts in less than a six-month time frame!

One of my genealogical forays this summer was into DNA testing.  (I'm not sure I'll post about this - I'm still trying to wrap my hear around the science of it all.)  But anyway, while filling out my profile on one of the testing sites, I flipped back to check a "fact" in the Greenleaf genealogy (1896)

Regular readers will know that one of my favorite ancestors to write about is Marion Constance Greenleaf, my great-great aunt who died of typhoid in 1900.

While flipping through the preface, I found this little acknowledgment:

I like this.  For several reasons.  I like knowing that Marion took the time to contribute to this publication - that it meant something to her in some way.  I am comforted somehow knowing that she had ready access to the family portraits, too, and was somehow able to obtain photographs of them.*

All of this was only a few years before her death, as the genealogy was published in 1896, and I like knowing that too.

* I note that the portraits don't seem to be reproduced in the version on the Internet Archive.  Either they're missing from the book or weren't included for some reason.  At least the first few portrait pages I looked for had only a caption - no illustration.  Disappointing.

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