Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Ancestor Name Roulette

Tonight's fun from Randy Seaver is Ancestor Name Roulette!  We take the year one of our great-grandmother's was born and divide by 90.  The resulting number is used to match the person with that ahnentafel number in our family tree. 

For this challenge, I used my great-grandmother Irene Gillespie McCormick, born in Albany, NY in 1891.  Dividing 1891 by 90 gives me 21.011, rounded down to 21.  Person number 21 is Irene's mother-in-law, Margaret Gilligan McCormick.

This branch of my family is the one I know the least about, though I do have at least 3 facts on Margaret.

Records I have turned up thus far tell me that Margaret Gilligan was born 18 Jan 1851 in Ireland.  I have yet to find where in Ireland Margaret was born.  

The 1900 federal census indicates Margaret's year of immigration to the United States was 1860, which would make her about 9 years old if the date is correct.  But so far it's all I have about her entry to the U.S.  A distant cousin I connected with recently has reason to believe Margaret and her family may have come to the United States via Canada, which is a theory I'm currently exploring as a possibility.  

Margaret's last residence was 540 Mercer St., Albany, where she died 3 Jan 1927.  She in buried in St. Agnes Cemetery, Menands, NY.

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  1. This IS fun, isn't it! What a challenge to find more details on Margaret, Sara. My eye got caught by the Gillespie own maiden surname. My Gillespie grandfather & his parents, grandparents, aunt and uncles all originated from around Co. Tyrone, moved to Barrow in Furness in N.England around 1880, then emigrated to Canada in 1911-1914. People from Ireland/England came to any port they could come to, didn't they? Maybe you'll get lucky and find some sort of record with a county or parish record. Cheers.