Thursday, September 20, 2012

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

It's been ages since I've posted anything, and truth be told I haven't done anything genealogical of late that's inspired me to write. Not that I've been completely idle all summer, but my projects have taken a bit of a different turn and I've gotten very little new research done.

Some of the highlights…

The bulk of my time this summer was spent rehashing my Greenleaf line and putting together a heritage book of sorts for a family member's landmark birthday. I used Shutterfly for this project, mainly because I was pressed for time and already familiar with their photo book services. The project was completed, and I'm pretty pleased with the result (as was the recipient and other family members), but Shutterfly really isn't made for projects like this one where I was using as much or more text than images. And I had a hard time getting some of the images customized quite the way I wanted. But I'm extremely pleased with the overall quality, and considering some of the images I used were as low a resolution as they were, the print quality was pretty good. I'm not sure that I'd use Shutterfly again, though given the extensive choices these days. I'm a loyal follower of Denise Barrett Olsen over at the Moultrie Creek Gazette, so I'm going to revisit some of her past posts on electronic publishing and the various options before working on the "revised and expanded" version.

I did some traveling and was able to return to Lenox, Massachusetts - one of my favorite places. This was a short visit, but lots of genealogical connections were made, including meeting some people I've been corresponding with via email for ages. I spent time at two ancestral homes, one being Breezy Corner. The other being a return visit to Windyside, the former Greenleaf home in Lenox, now the Lenox Club. I was invited to stay the night at Windyside, which has guest facilities. The club also invited me to their weekly dinner, which was held in the music room with the large fireplace. A great stop with so many extremely hospitable folks!

 My room at Windyside (the Lenox Club)

For the 2nd year in a row, I've spent Saturday's mornings with my local genealogical society's cemetery committee. We transcribe tombstone inscriptions, checking the stones against any existing records and making updates and corrections, which are then (after much proofreading and editing) submitted back to various organizations including local historical societies and cemeteries, as well as the DAR. Any new research I did this summer was connected to this project, which allowed me to hone my skills in using local resources.

Symbols on the tombstone of Mowry Skinkle, Pine Bank Cemetery.

 In the last few days, though, I've gotten myself back on track with my own research. I expect more posts to come as I dive back into things!

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