Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - What is your matrilineal line?

This week Randy Seaver asks us to post our matrilineal line back to the first identifiable mother.  He then asks us whether we've had our mitochondrial DNA tested, and if so, the result.

Funnily enough, my matrilineal line is the one I've been focused on of late for exactly this reason.  I have not done any DNA tests myself, nor asked relatives to be tested.  But since the mitochondrial DNA test is the one I'd do myself, I decided I should get to tracing that line - something I hadn't done until recently.

Starting with my grandmother:

a)  Mae Gouverneur Cadwalader (1923, Pennsylvania - 2000, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) married J. Harrison Worrall
b)  Mae Drexel Fell (1884, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 1948, Dark Harbor, Maine) married Gouverneur Cadwalader
c)  Sarah Rozet Drexel (1860, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 1929, Whitemarsh, Pennsylvania) married John Ruckman Fell
d)  Ellen Bicking Rozet (1832, Pennsylvania - 1891, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) married Anthony Joseph Drexel

e)  Mary Ann Laning (1807, Owego, New York - 1880) married John Roset
f)  Mary Ann Hollenback (1783, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania - 1854, Owego, New York) married John Laning
g)  Sarah Burritt (1750, Stratford, Connecticut - 1833, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania) married Matthias Hollenback
h)  Deborah Beardslee (d. 1802, Hanover Green, Pennsylvania) married Peleg Burrit, Jr.

I'm confident in this line through Ellen Bicking Rozet.  Persons (e) through (h) are the result of my recent research.  I need more documentation for all of them, but am fairly certain this is how things will shake out.  I confess I've been working with local histories and Find A Grave to get an overall sense of my matrilineal line past Ellen Rozet.  I now need to back this up with various records, of which I presently have few.

Deborah Beardslee is proving to be somewhat of a mystery.  So much so that she is deserving of her own post, so watch for that down the line.  And is why she's currently last on the above list.

The name Rozet/Roset is indeed spelled differently above for Ellen Bicking Rozet and her father, John Roset.  I consistently see each of their surnames names spelled in this fashion - Ellen's with a "z" and John's with an "s".  In general, this line will be the one that tests my skill with spelling variants. (More fodder for a later post.)

As stated above, I have yet to do a matrilineal DNA test.  But once I get more proof of this line, I expect it's something I'll pursue.  I suppose there's no reason not to do this now, but I just feel like I need to know more about the women who carry this DNA before proceeding.

What I do need to get on with is finding family volunteers for DNA tests for other of my lines.   

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  1. Hi Sara,

    Do you have any contact information? I am working on a project related to your grandmother Sarah Drexel and would love to ask you some questions