Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Give Up Hope for Roebling and Blackwell

Trenton Evening Times, April 18, 1912-
"Give Up Hope for Roebling and Blackwell" [1]
By April 18th, the Trenton Evening Times reports in a short, two paragraph article that the lack of communication from either Washington Roebling or Stephen Blackwell coupled with the arrival of the Carpathia with Titanic's survivors "seems to confirm what has been generally believed from the first, that these two young Trentonians went down with the giant liner--" [2]
The lead article in that evening's Times reports stories by Titanic's survivors that are today well-known:
"They tell of aged Isador Straus, a self-made millionaire, and his wife standing arm in arm, awaiting death together, the wife resisting the best efforts of the sailors to drag her from her husband and to a place of safety.
They tell how Colonel John Jacob Astor, almost the last of his race of money kings, kissed his delicate child wife goodbye and then stood at attention as lifeboats bore her away leaving him to drown." [3]
That same article states that no stories have been told of Washington Roebling or Stephen Blackwell, but that "in absence of news from these men it is believed that they were among the heroes who died bravely that others might live." [4]

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