Monday, April 16, 2012

866 Saved From the Sinking Titanic... Roebling May Be Among the Rescued

Trenton Evening Times, April 16, 1912-
"866 Saved From the Sinking Titanic; Officials Concealed Disaster Hours; Roebling May Be Among the Rescued" [1]

By April 16th, the Trenton Evening Times reported the rescue of 866 passengers, presuming that the remaining 1492 were lost. The Times continues to report efforts to determine the fate of the three Trentonians reported aboard Titanic: Washington Roebling, Stephen Blackwell, and Frank Stanley. The article presumes that both Blackwell and Stanley were lost, but of Roebling there was a question. Among the list of survivors was reported a "Mr. Washington," but as no passenger had the last name of Washington, speculation arose as to whether the rescued man was Roebling or a Washington Dodge. Later reports determined that Dodge had survived the sinking.

Indeed, Washington Dodge is listed, along with his wife and son, among the survivors of Titanic aboard the Carpathia.

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