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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Your Heritage Pie Chart

Yes, Saturday was several days ago, but I wanted to complete this week's "fun" since it involves playing with data - one of my favorite activities.

So last Saturday (July 16th), Randy Seaver asked us to:
  1. list our 16 great-great grandparents
  2. determine countries or states these ancestors lived in at their birth and death
  3. make a heritage pie chart for the country of origin (birth place) for these ancestors
Before doing this challenge, I spent some time playing with (calculating) the ahnentafel numbers for these folks. [See also my post, Calculating Ahnentafel Numbers] I used Reunion's ahnentafel report to generate the following:

16 Dr. Richard Cranch Greenleaf. Born on 12 Feb 1845 in Boston, Massachusetts. Richard Cranch died in Lawrence, Long Island, New York, on 4 Dec 1913; he was 68. Buried in Lenox, Berkshire, Massachusetts.

On 21 Jun 1870 when Richard Cranch was 25, he married Adeline
Emma Stone.

17 Adeline Emma Stone. Born on 14 Jul 1849 in Schooleys Mountain, Morris, New Jersey. Adeline Emma died on 17 Jan 1936; she was 86. Buried in Lenox, Berkshire, Massachusetts.

18 William Adams. Born on 31 Jan 1840 in New York. William died in Scarsdale, Westchester, New York, on 14 Jul 1888; he was 48.

On 14 May 1867 when William was 27, he married Helen Coolidge in Madison Square Church, New York.

19 Helen Coolidge. Born on 13 Nov 1848 in Connecticut. Helen died in New York, New York, on 20 Jan 1929; she was 80. Buried on 22 Jan 1929.

20 Thomas Joseph McCormick. Born in May 1850 in Ireland. Thomas Joseph died in Sprague Falls, Maine, on 27 Sep 1905; he was 55. Buried on 30 Sep 1905 in Menands, New York. Buried on 11 Jul 1906 in Menands, New York.

Thomas Joseph married Margaret Gilligan.

21 Margaret Gilligan. Born on 18 Jan 1851 in Ireland. Margaret died in Albany, Albany, New York, on 3 Jan 1927; she was 75. Buried on 5 Jan 1927 in Menands, New York.

22 Henry Edward Gillespie. Born on 23 Sep 1854 in New York. Henry Edward died in Albany, Albany, New York, on 27 Jan 1933; he was 78. Buried on 30 Jan 1933 in Menands, New York.

Henry Edward married Anna Ambrose.

23 Anna Ambrose. Born in Nov 1860 in New York. Anna died in Albany, Albany, New York, on 1 Sep 1934; she was 73.

24 Petera Brown Worrall. Born on 23 Aug 1844 in Media, Delaware, Pennsylvania. Petera Brown died in Roslyn, New York, on 16 Feb 1916; he was 71.

On 29 Dec 1868 when Petera Brown was 24, he married Mary Catherine Young in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

25 Mary Catherine Young. Born on 6 Jan 1845 in Leesport, Berks County, Pennsylvania.

26 Joseph Harrison Collins. Born on 5 Dec 1853 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Joseph Harrison died in 1887; he was 33.

On 18 Jan 1883 when Joseph Harrison was 29, he married Rebecca Sharpless Delany in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

27 Rebecca Sharpless Delany. Born on 17 Apr 1861 in Brooklyn, New York. Rebecca Sharpless died in Feb 1949; she was 87.

28 Richard McCall Cadwalader. Born on 17 Sep 1839 in Trenton, New Jersey. Richard McCall died in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, on 9 Dec 1918; he was 79.

On 26 Nov 1873 when Richard McCall was 34, he married Christine Williams Biddle in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

29 Christine Williams Biddle. Born on 14 Feb 1847 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Christine Williams died in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 23 Mar 1900; she was 53. Buried on 27 Mar 1900 in St. Thomas Church, Whitemarsh, Montgomery, Pennslyvania.

30 John Ruckman Fell. Born in 1858 in Pennsylvania. John Ruckman died in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 15 Nov 1895; he was 37. Buried on 19 Nov 1895 in St. Thomas Church, Whitemarsh, Montgomery, Pennslyvania.

On 15 May 1879 when John Ruckman was 21, he married Sarah Rozet Drexel in Pennsylvania.

31 Sarah Rozet Drexel. Born on 28 Aug 1860 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Sarah Rozet died in Whitemarsh, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, on 3 Feb 1929; she was 68. Buried in 1929 in Whitemarsh, Montgomery, Pennsylvania.

Birthplaces: United States = 14 (PA = 6; NY = 4; NJ = 2; CT = 1; MA = 1), Ireland = 2

I found the visual representation of this information quite interesting. Granted, this represents only the birthplaces of a single generation, but I tend to think of my ancestors as being more from Massachusetts than New York, but the above chart doesn't illustrate that with this particular set of data. I can definitely see myself using tools like this more to capture similar information.

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