Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Scavenger Hunt

Tonight's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun from Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings is a scavenger hunt. Randy lists 6 names and we need to find the name of the mother of each and the geneablogger to whom they are related. He asks that we tell how we did this and what we may have learned from our searches.

I used Mocavo for this challenge, doing a phrase search for each name listed, enclosing the name in quotes. I then scanned the results lists until I found blog entries mentioning the person, usually on the first page of Mocavo's results.

The first two were fairly straightforward, and I found the answers in a single blog post. But the last four names required me to use more than blog post for each person the get the appropriate names and relationships. And in one case, I used the person's Find A Grave entry to find his mother's name, as I wasn't easily finding it in the blog.

1. Lois Velleda Dreher - mother of Cynthia Beane Henry of Mountain Genealogists.

2. Mary Philomene Laurent - her mother was Olivine Marie St. Louis; Mary Philomene Laurent is the great-great grandmother of Brian Zalewski at Zalewski Family Genealogy.

3. Ernest Francis Sheern - great-great grandfather of geneablogger Sheri Fenley at The Educated Genealogist, his mother was Ann Emily LeSeure Sheern. (For this one I needed to combine resources. I quickly found Earnest Sheern listed on Sheri Fenley's blog, but used his Find A Grave page for his mother's name.)

4. Cecelia Jost - great-grandmother of We Tree's Amy Coffin, her mother was Cecilia Kurta. Amy has a wonderful series of posts called "The Search for Number 16" in which she tracks down Cecilia Jost's parentage.

5. Mary Jane Sovereen - her mother was Eliza Putman Sovereen, and she is the great-great grandmother of Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings.

6. Bethia Brigham - daughter of Anne (Richardson) Brigham, related to Elyse Doerflinger at Elyse's Genealogy Blog.

What did I learn from this challenge? The documentation and sources notes on each blog for these names was quite good. And the blog posts were generally tagged nicely, making it relatively easy to find related entries. I'm inspired to make sure my posts are well-documented with complete names and relationships, and written so they're possible for non-family members to follow. And it gives me thought for new posts I might include in my own blog.

(I started this before midnight Saturday, but goofed up while publishing and ended up with a Sunday date stamp.)

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