Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Find A Grave

Time for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun from Randy Seaver! This week's fun is to search Find A Grave for ancestor's for whom we have no known burial location. Describe who you searched for and the first person you found for whom you did not previously have a burial location.

William Adams (1848-1888) - no listing
Henry Gillespie - no listing
Anna Ambrose Gillespie - no listing
Richard Cranch Greenleaf (1808-1887) - no listing
Mary Parsons Whitney Greenleaf (1810-1889) - no listing

Joseph Gillingham Fell (1816-1878) - Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia

John Greenleaf (1763-1848) - listed with unknown burial location
Lucy Cranch Greenleaf (1767-1846) - listed with unknown burial location
William Greenleaf (1725-1803)- listed with unknown burial location
Mary Brown Greenleaf (1728-1807)- listed with unknown burial location
Richard Cranch (1726-1811) - listed with unknown burial location
Mary Smith Cranch (1741-1811) - listed with unknown burial location

I just started working my way backward through my direct ancestors for people for whom I had no known burial location. I had several "no hits" before finding an entry for my 3rd great grandfather, Joseph Gillingham Fell, in Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia. The interesting thing about Fell's entry is that it did include photographs of the crypt, and it appeared as though his wife's name, Amanda Ruckman Fell, was listed below his on the stone, though there was no entry for Amanda in Find A Grave.

The interesting group was the six people who I did find listed, and linked to each other as spouses, parents, and children, but for whom no known burial location was indicated. I admit I don't quite understand the point of entries in Find A Grave when there is no known burial location. Find A Grave does address this in their FAQ's (, so I guess it's legit, but still a little aggravating.

I do have (at least) two ancestors who were cremated and for whom I'm fairly certain there is no actual burial location. And it looks as though, according to Find A Grave's rules, I could still create memorials for them.

A fun excercise that got me diving deeper into one of my favorite resources.

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