Thursday, March 24, 2011

WikiTree Widgets Up and Running

I've been salivating for the WikiTree embeddable widgets ever since reading Geneabloggers' open-thread Thursday post on embeddable content a few weeks ago. I've been wanting a way to embed trees in my blog for some time -- mainly to give any family members who might be reading this a context for the people I talk about -- especially people less well known.

So a few days ago, on seeing that the widgets were out of beta, I signed up for WikiTree, uploaded a gedcom, and am ready to test.

I'm pretty pleased with how easy this was to get going, and can definitely see myself using this tool in future posts. My one issue at present is that most of the widgets are too big for my blog format. I tried modifying the blog template sizing, which worked okay, and is an option for the future. But in the meantime, the bare-bones 4-generation widget, which is the smallest, suits my needs.

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