Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New York State Historical Resources

I loved seeing Dick Eastman's post a couple of days ago, "More Than Two Million Northern New York Historical Newspapers Online," in which he points users to the Northern New York Library Network's historical newspapers site.

NNYLN is part of New York's NY3R's system. Various of the 3R's networks have being doing great things in digitizing their regional heritage over the years. The projects are also expanding across the state, with other regions beginning to digitize their own local papers.

The New York Heritage site seems to be becoming a gateway to the partnerships evolving in these efforts. (I don't know that it's an official gateway, but many of the 3R's are cooperating in its ongoing development.)


  1. I wonder if those newspapers would show any info on ships arrivals. I had heard that some do. I wonder how tedious it would be to look. However I can be rather determined when it comes to ancestors.

  2. My guess is that it might depend on the region. I ran a few generic keyword searches through the Hudson Valley papers, and did find several hits on various aspects of ships and shipping.