Wednesday, January 12, 2011

iPhoto Settings to Upload Photos to Find A Grave

I've accumulated a 'bunch' (more than a little, less than a lot) of photographs I've taken of ancestral graves from various cemetery visits. For a good long while I've been wanting to upload these to Find A Grave. But the photos are too large in their native format off my digital camera to meet Find A Grave's size requirements (200-800 pixel width, 350 KB size). And working with the image software I've been using (which I won't bother to name) has frustrated me no end.

So I was fiddling in iPhoto, which I use to organize my photos, preparing to export a file or two to try resizing (again), and accidentally hit on what is probably a basic feature in iPhoto that enabled me to easily resize the photos exactly as needed without a lot of extra editing.

My problem in the past was not paying enough attention to the available options when exporting a photo. (I export photos out of iPhoto for my blog and Find A Grave so I can post smaller sized images, as well as keep photos used in the blog and uploaded to Find A Grave together in their own folders. Thus the larger originals are retained, unedited, in iPhoto.)

This time I used the 'custom' size option, which enabled me to select the pixel dimensions of the exported photo. I like a dimension of 640 pixels on the longest size for basic service image, a standard I've been using for years because it generally displays well on most monitor resolutions without requiring the user to scroll.

The resulting image is the size I need in both dimension and resolution. I don't think iPhoto can replace my usual photo editing software, but I do think there are some basic things I can get a handle on to make my online life a bit easier. Perhaps a resolution for the coming year.

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