Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Alexander Van Rensselaer

Alexander Van Rensselaer
1 Oct 1950 - 18 July 1933
St. Thomas' Cemetery

Alexander Van Rensselaer was the 2nd husband of my great-great grandmother, Sarah Drexel Fell. Many of my maternal ancestors are buried at St. Thomas, and while I have a good start in getting photographs of their graves, I have a number yet to locate. Alexander's stone is the first in the group of photos I have on hand, so as I've been a bit lazy about posting of late, thought I'd get started.

I need to go back and get a better look at this stone, as well as several others nearby, as the dates are quite hard to read. I strongly suspect the birth date on this stone might be wrong.

It looks like the birth year on this stone says 1851, but I've got a copy of his marriage license to Sarah Drexel Fell, which says he was born in 1850, and I'm using the date from the marriage in my genealogy. (And I'm kicking myself for not being more detail oriented when I shot this photo last year -- lesson learned.)

On a side note, I had grand plans for this post, which I'm hoping will get me back on track with my genealogy blogging. I'd hoped to get Alexander's Find A Grave entry up, but I'm having trouble resizing the images appropriately, which is frustrating me no end. Anyway, here's the link to Alexander Van Rensselaer's entry at Find A Grave, images forthcoming (though not likely before midnight at this point).

And the article on his death from the New York Times that I'd hoped to link to seems only to be available for a fee. Hopefully next week will be better.

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  1. Regarding Sarah Drexel Fell, there is a passport application online on which she has indicated her birth date as 28 day of August, 1860