Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Picasa for Image Management

Last Tuesday I was full of grand plans to upload gravestone pictures to Find A Grave for Tombstone Tuesday. While trying to resize my images to meet Find A Grave's requirements, I got frustrated pretty quickly with some of the intricacies and oddities of my current software (which shall remain nameless).

So I downloaded Picasa as an alternative. I like that it's free and works with Mac, but I really had no expectations otherwise. In the little playing with it I've done in the last week, I see that it has tremendous potential for organizing photos and may well assist me with efforts to better identify and organize what I've got on my machine.

I'm still not sure about editing capabilities, but I don't do a great deal of image editing. My immediate needs are resizing and organization, which Picasa seems to be able to deliver.

I got my images resized and uploaded to Find A Grave and am ready to move forward with other family memorials.

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