Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sentimental Sunday -- Stonover Farm, Then and Now

Stonover Farm, January 1944

Stonover Farm, May 2010

Lenox, Massachusetts has been part of my family's history as long as I can remember. Stonover Farm in particular. The property originally belonged to the Parsons family, which my mother's mother married into not once, but twice (sort of). Her first husband, Rufus Patterson III, was the son of Elsie "Lissa" Parsons Patterson Kennedy, owner of Stonover Farm until her death in 1966. Some time after Rufus was killed in World War II, my grandmother married the brother of Elsie's sister-in-law, who was my grandfather. [Yes, the generations are a little goofy here.]

My mother would tell me about visiting Stonover Farm in summers with her older half-brother to see his grandmother, Lissa. Memories were always fond, and Lenox to me, even before I visited myself, was a clearly a special place.

A few years ago, my mother discovered that Stonover Farm had been turned into a bed and breakfast, and of course various family members talked of visiting. This year, we finally made the trip, turning talk in action (something we don't always manage).

I'd been to Lenox last year, but hadn't seen Stonover Farm. So finally seeing Stonover Farm was wonderful, but all the more so because I took the trip with my sister, my mother, and her two sisters (my aunts). Lenox is one of those places where I feel at home and connected and can see myself returning to time and again.

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