Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - A Prolific Dad

From Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings, Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.
"1) Determine who is one of the most prolific fathers in your genealogy database or in your ancestry. By prolific, I mean the one who fathered the most children.

2) Tell us about him in your own blog post, in comments to this blog post, or in comments on Facebook."

I knew off the top of my head that there are several prolific fathers in my tree, so I started by looking at these directly.
  • Asaph Stone (1786-1854) and Jane McFarlane (1793-1854) had 13 children.
  • Daniel Greenleaf (1679-1763) and Elizabeth Gookin (1681-1762) also had 13 children.
  • William Greenleaf (1725-1803) and Mary Brown (1728-1807) had 15 children, 13 of whom lived to adulthood.
But I wondered if Reunion had a way for me to search number of children to see what other prolific dads might be in my tree, and if any could top William and his 15 children. So I used the "Find Anything" feature found the search quite straightforward. I searched for "# children" "more than" "15" and found two men with more than 15 children:
  • Josiah Franklin (1657-1745) who had 7 children with first wife Anne Child (d.1689) and 9 children with second wife Abiah Folger (1667-1752), for a total of 16 children.
  • Archibald McCall (1727-1799) and Judith Kemble (b.1743) had 18 children.
Archibald McCall was a merchant, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1727. He married Judith Kemble of New Jersey in 1762. The McCalls had 18 children born between 1763 and 1788. Of the 18, 3 died as infants, 14 lived to adulthood, and I don't have enough information about one to know whether she survived to adulthood.

Two of the McCall children married into the Cadwalader family. Archibald McCall (1767-1743) married Elizabeth Cadwalader, daughter of General John Cadwalader. Archibald's sister Mary McCall (1764-1848) married Colonel Lambert Cadwalader, John Cadwalader's younger brother. Mary McCall Cadwalader is my 4th great-grandmother.

Miniature of Archibald McCall at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Additional sources on Archibald McCall and family:
  • McCall, Ettie Tidwell,. McCall-Tidwell and allied families. Atlanta, Ga.: Published by the author, 1931. Online. : 2010. [See p. 614]
  • Wharton, Anne Hollingsworth. Heirlooms in Miniatures. Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1898. Online. Internet Archive : 2010. [See page 12 for an illustration of the Archibald McCall miniature and page 14 for information on Archibald McCall.]

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