Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Mystery Woman

Okay, so this post isn't so wordless. But just a bit of back story as to why I chose it tonight.

Looking for other photographs yesterday for a project, I decided to look at originals instead of browsing files. I came across this one from my maternal grandmother's collection. There is nothing on the photo that tells me blatantly who it is.

A few clues:
1. The photograph is marked on the front, Broadbent & Taylor, I assume the photograph studio.
2. Additional details printed on the verso: S. Broadbent ; W. Curtis Taylor ; 914 Chestnut St. ; Philadelphia.
3. Penciled in the upper right, "April 1878"

I'm wondering if it might be Sarah Drexel Fell Van Rensselaer (b.1860) at age 17 or 18, assuming the penciled date is when the photo was taken. (See photograph on earlier post.) But maybe I'm reaching.

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