Thursday, April 29, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Richard Cranch Greenleaf Drawings

My mother recently unearthed a set of drawings (at least I think they're drawings) done by my great-great uncle, Richard Cranch Greenleaf (1887-1961). They're in poor condition, so I need to somehow get them stabilized, or at least in decent acid-free housing. I'm fairly certain they depict locations in France. Each is signed and five of the six have captions (in pencil) in the lower left corner. I need to work on deciphering his handwriting to get more details.

The sixth drawing, shown, has a more extensive caption, indicating that it was used as the basis for a lithograph to benefit the American Red Cross. (Unless it's actually a lithograph rather than a drawing. I can't tell for certain.)

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  1. They're all lithographs from his time in France. There was a book of I think 13 or more of these. He was very talented and did beautiful work.