Monday, March 29, 2010

Fearless Females - Day Twenty-Nine - Footnote Pages

From The Accidental Genealogist: "Create a free Footnote page or Genealogy Trading Card at Big Huge Labs for a female ancestor. ... Tell us who you've selected and why and then post a link to what you've created."

I opted for the Footnote page. I've played a little with Footnote pages, but was intrigued (and a little intimidated) by the challenge of creating one from scratch. The other Footnote pages I've contributed to have all been automatically generated by Footnote and then I've added to them.

I created a page for my great-great grandmother, Sarah Drexel Fell Van Rensselaer (1860-1929). I selected her for a couple of reasons. First, I've mentioned her several times during Fearless Females month, so it seemed appropriate, and second, I thought there was a decent chance she wouldn't have a page already.

I didn't find lots of information right off the bat, but will keep poking around Footnote and trying to enhance the page.

Footnote page for Sarah Drexel Fell Van Rensselaer.

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