Monday, March 8, 2010

Fearless Females - Day Eight

From The Accidental Genealogist: "Did one of your female ancestors leave a diary, journal, or collection of letters? Share an entry or excerpt."

I have some of my grandmother's travel diaries from the 1980s-1990s, which I love and am delighted to have. But for this post I'm going to highlight single letter from a bit farther back in the family history.

The letter is written on the exterior of an envelope, addressed to my great-great grandmother, Christine Williams Biddle Cadwalader (1847-1900), and states:

"Dear Christine-- I send you
these 3 old salt spoons,
marked L. M. C. Lambert
& Mary Cadwalader-- I thought
you might like to keep
them for Lambert,--& this
old spoon with the Cad=
Walader Crest. I had
put them away for Maria.
M. C. M."

Neither message nor envelope is dated. M.C.M. is probably Mary Cadwalader Mitchell (b. 1835, wife of Silas Weir Mitchell) whose daughter Maria Gouverneur Mitchell died in 1898, unmarried. Christine Biddle Cadwalader died in 1900, so the note was likely written between 1898-1900. Mary Cadwalader Mitchell survived her daughter and died in 1914. Christine's son, Lambert Cadwalader (b. 1882), probably the one referenced in the note as the intended recipient of the spoons, was the younger brother of my great-grandfather. The spoons' original owners were in all likelihood my 4th great-grandfather, Lambert Cadwalader (1743-1823) and his wife Mary McCall Cadwalader (1764-1848).

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  1. I am interested in this as it relates to my research pertaining to Mary Cadwalader Mitchell and S.W. Mitchell. I would be very interested in connecting with you.
    Do you know how Mary was related to Mary Cadwalader Jones, mother of Beatrix Jones Farrand? Like the Mitchells, they summered in Bar Harbor. The focus of my own work was a patient of SWM and a dear family friend.