Monday, January 18, 2010

Madness Monday, or Census Frustrations Part II

I'm trying to post along with the GeneaBloggers daily themes often enough to keep this blog going forward. Madness Monday is a theme I've struggled with, since I haven't yet uncovered any (certifiably) crazy ancestors. So this madness is in the form of a brick wall (sort of) and isn't directed at a particular person, but a family group.

I know there are perfectly valid reasons for people not to show up in a given census. I've been trying to find my great-great-grandmother, Adeline Emma Stone, her parents, and brother in the 1850 census. Mainly my determination derives from having found her or otherwise accounted for her whereabouts in every other census through 1930 (except 1890, of course) and I'm frustrated by this gap.

Adeline was born in 1849 in Schooley's Mountain, New Jersey. In the 1860 census, her family was in New York City. Her father, John Cameron Stone, married Adeline Emma Bridge in 1846 and died in 1862. I feel like I have a huge hole in this group by not finding them in one of the two censuses they were together, but I've had no luck turning up any of them at all. I browsed the Schooley's Mountain census for 1850 and found a family with remarkably similar names (mother & daughter Adeline, last name "Neighbor" of all things). But this family reappears in Schooley's Mountain in later censuses.

I haven't given up, but at least want to learn more about the family to come up with a plausible explanation for their whereabouts. Probably my next step is reverify her birth date and location, which I got from the Stone family genealogy, Simon Stone Genealogy: Ancestry and Descendants of Deacon Simon Stone of Watertown, Mass., 1320-1926, by J. Gardner Bartlett (1926).

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